What Could Farming Learn from NASCAR?

In about a month, Real Agriculture with tour partner Dow AgroSciences is hosting is hosting five, one-day events across Western Canada. A combination workshop and panel, the TechTour Live event is all about finding efficiency in your existing farm operation.

Efficiency may mean a clear succession plan with strong farm leadership (that’s what Donald Cooper will speak about), but it may also mean adding minutes or hours to your work day through NASCAR pit crew-like precision when it comes to harvest, the spray season or gearing up for the seeding season.

To learn more about TechTour Live and to register click here

In anticipation of the TechTour Live events, nine farmers from across Western Canada flew to Miami, Florida, to take part in the hands-on pit crew training challenge facilitated by Bob Parker and hosted by Dow AgroSciences. Real Agriculture’s Shaun Haney went along to capture the event, to share with those interested in attending. Check it out below! (and see if your neighbours are in it!)


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