Wulf Cattle started in 1955 as a feeding operation and has evolved into a player in the seedstock business as well. Marketing more than 40, 000 head of value-added fed cattle annually, Wulf Cattle now owns feedyards in Minnesota, South Dakota and Nebraska, making it one of North America’s largest integrated beef companies.

“I think it’s human nature not to move out of our comfort zone,” Jerry Wulf told Shaun Haney just prior to speaking at the 2014 CanFax Market Forum..

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Wulf Cattle has often moved beyond manager’s comfort zones, and according to Jerry Wulf, that’s usually where opportunity lies. But, that’s not the only factor that’s contributed to their success. Wulf Cattle has also made communication a priority.

“We do deal with the same players almost every year. We want to keep the ones we have and grow from there. So, it’s paramount that we share information. And sharing information, being transparent, sharing risk, makes us all better producers.”

In the following the interview, Shaun Haney talks to Wulf opportunities in the beef industry and the changes to the Wulf Cattle operation.

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