The Alberta Wheat Commission (AWC) has teamed up with FARMCo, a grain marketing consulting firm, to head up a large-scale project designed to “improve farmers’ ability to make well-informed marketing decisions and maximize the value of their crops.”

grain_storage_binThe Crop Data and Price Reporting project will lead to the development of a web-based tool that will provide information on western Canadian cash grain prices for a broad range of commodities as well as data on grain movement and trade. The project, currently as a test website at, is made possible by a $742,725 founding grant through Agriculture and AgriFood Canada’s (AAFC’s) AgriRisk Initiatives program, and was announced by the federal government at FarmTech.

“This project will close a major information gap related to cash grain prices and market data and we thank Minister Ritz for his support,” said Kent Erickson, Chairman, Alberta Wheat Commission. “This information will significantly improve farmers’ access to market-related data to capture the best marketing opportunities available to them.”

Real Agriculture’s Shaun Haney spoke with market analyst John de Pape, president of FARMCo, about why this project was launched, what gaps it hopes to fill, and how farmers and grain marketers may use it to make the most of the information available.

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One thought on “New Western Canadian Grain Price Transparency Project Launched

  1. This new price transparency initiative is excellent. The $742,000 price tag I don’t quite understand. Other provinces like Quebec as well as the Maritimes need that kind of information, but it is lacking. I assume that the same initiative that gave it to Alberta would be available and possibly being implemented in those provinces. In Ontario, we probably have the best price transparency in the country, partly because of our history as well as the proximity to the US corn belt. Needless to say, price transparency is so critical to successful marketing plans. Hopefully, this project will be very successful not only in getting up and running but helping farmers understand the concept of price transparency itself.

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