Techtourlive-bb-REV1How do you make a skinny tire that damages as little crop as possible but doesn’t just cut through soft soil like a knife through butter? The key is having a flexible sidewall that allows the tire’s footprint to expand.

“Basically the ability to make the tire as flexible as possible means you can carry a much higher load, or much lower pressure for same load,” explains Mike Pantaleo of Michelin, while describing the company’s Spraybib tires in the video below.

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Michelin developed what it calls “Ultraflex” technology about ten years ago, and currently offers Spraybib tires with high flexion (HF) or very high flexion (VF.)

Find out more about the science that has gone into keeping sprayers from getting stuck in this episode of the TechTour Season Two, presented by Dow AgroSciences and filmed at AgriTrade in Red Deer, Alberta:


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