Labels, labels everywhere
Labels, labels everywhere

North Americans can and do choose to spend 30% or more on organic or market-differentiated food because we can. We’re an incredibly wealthy society, by and large, and are only required to spend about 8% of our income on food. So does that give us the right to condemn those who can’t afford to pay to support a “food philosophy”?

That’s just one of the key messages Rob Saik brings forward in his TEDx talk given recently at the event in Red Deer, Alberta.

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A staunch supporter of technology’s use in agriculture, Saik shares some of his own experiences in developing countries, talks about food security, the fear of chemicals and the very real threat of fanaticism causing suffering around the globe.

Below is Saik’s 20 minute talk that busts some commonly held myths about modern food production and challenges those in the audience to think a little less about themselves and a little more about the long-term demands of our food production systems.

Can’t see the video below? Click here to view this on YouTube.


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5 thoughts on “Will Agriculture be Allowed to Feed 9 Billion? Rob Saik’s TEDx Talk

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  1. This was a very informative and impressive presentation. Rob has his facts down. My question is should we be feeding 9 bil. people? What about 15 bil. people? There are other factors to consider. Water, space, pollution caused by overpopulation. 2000 years ago people in Europe could not drink their water because of human pollution. There was no Monsanto back then, or GMO products at that time. I believe that overpopulation is much more dangerous than Pesticides Herbicides Insecticides and GMO. Just a thought.

  2. Whoa! hold on a minute here… There is another kind of fanaticism going on here and that being the GMO fanaticism.
    The bitter irony is that money is the common denominator in this story. It is not the lack of GMO technology that is shorting the food supply but the lack of money. The force behind the GMO fanaticism is money – making lots of money.

    There is an argument developed here that pits GMO’s against organics. Why even make this argument? This is not what we are talking about. We are talking about people having enought to eat. Get real folks.. wake up. This presentation is all about helping the rich get richer.

    There is a better way folks – there is a better way and the question is not can we feed 9 billion people the question is can 9 billion people feed themselves? Get rid of the limiting terminology and making adversaries with silly debates is the beginning.

    PS – there are non GMO seed growers with varieties that outyield the GMO’s


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