Month: February 2015

Under the Microscope: Where, When and How to Test for Clubroot

Testing for clubroot falls into an interesting classification — it’s a disease, yes, but it’s in soil. Do you send samples to a soil lab or a seed lab? In this edition of Under the Microscope, Holly Gelech, business development manager with Biovision Seed Labs, walks us through how labs test for clubroot and while… Read more »

Passage of Bill C-18, Including UPOV ’91, Celebrated in Winnipeg

The federal agriculture minister, seed industry officials and representatives from various crop sector and farmer organizations celebrated the passage of Bill C-18 — the Agricultural Growth Act — at the head office of Canterra Seeds in Winnipeg on Friday. The legislation, which includes the implementation of the UPOV ’91 standard for plant breeders’ rights and changes… Read more »

Latest BSE-Positive Cow Born on the Same Farm as 2010 Case

The recent case of a BSE-positive cow found in Alberta has been traced back to a birth farm that produced another positive BSE case in 2010. In the case of that cow, the 17th detected in Canada, the animal was born in 2004, three years before the enhanced feed ban came into effect. The Canadian… Read more »

The Markets This Week — Market Share Swings

Grain prices ended the month of February a little mixed as corn, soybean, and canola prices all got support in the last half of the month through harvest and logistical concerns out of South American. Lower oil prices have helped keep gains in check for those crops related to the biofuels industry, although strong domestic… Read more »

Precision Planting’s vDrive Insecticide in Beta Production for Spring 2015

Many farmers will be familiar with vDrive, a technology that allows each planter to be controlled and monitored independently. The result, powered by a 12-volt motor, is variable rate planting, that accounts for real-time changes in speed (including around corners). On January 21 of this year, Precision Planting announced the same technology would be used for granular insecticide… Read more »

Funding Available For Planter Dust Deflectors; Manure Application Mods

Farmers in the Lake Erie and Southeast Shores of Lake Huron (GLASI) watersheds may be eligible for two new funding programs administered by the Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association (OSCIA). The first initiative provides financial support to those who have installed or would like to install dust deflectors on pneumatic seeding equipment, with a… Read more »

This Week on Real Ag — Bill C-18 Passes, Summer Weather and Understanding Science in Food — Feb 26th

From the Agricultural Growth Act receiving Royal Assent to new questions surrounding the strange case of missing quarantined heritage sheep in Ontario, there’s plenty to discuss in this week’s ag news recap. Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz, meteorologist Drew Lerner, McGill University’s Joe Schwarcz, Dave Solverson of the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association and others make it into… Read more »

Barley Council Appoints New Executive Director

The Barley Council of Canada has announced the hiring of a new executive director. Phil de Kemp, who also serves as the president of the Malting Industry Association of Canada, will take on the role beginning March 1st. De Kemp previously worked for Cargill and the federal government, including time as the senior policy advisor… Read more »

Canola-Wheat Price Ratio Shifts in Favour of More Canola Acres

Acres that were penciled in for wheat back in December might get switched to canola in spring, depending on how much weight farmers put into the price relationship between wheat and canola, says the vice-president for oilseeds with Louis Dreyfus Commodities. Brian Conn says back in November and December, they were expecting a decline in Canadian canola acres… Read more »

TechTour: AgSky Lets You Get Bird’s-Eye-View Data of your Fields, Without Buying the Bird

If you’re aerial-image curious but not exactly ready to commit to a UAV purchase, this latest stop on the TechTour may be of interest to you. In this episode of the TechTour, Shaun Haney catches up with Warren Genik, with AgSky Technologies, to talk about what AgSky does, and how the service means you can… Read more »

Farmers Edge Acquires Lethbridge-Based GranDuke Geomatics

Winnipeg-based precision agriculture and data management company Farmers Edge announced Wednesday that it has acquired GranDuke Geomatics, a geospatial software development company based in Lethbridge. Founded by Guy Duke and Kevin Grant in 2012, GranDuke Geomatics, with the assistance of the National Research Council, offers customized software for geospatial applications in precision agriculture, environmental monitoring, and oil and… Read more »

Agricultural Growth Act — Bill C-18 — Receives Royal Assent

Federal legislation containing changes to plant breeders’ rights and farm cash advance programs became law on Wednesday, as Bill C-18 — also known as the Agricultural Growth Act — received royal assent. Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz will be holding a press conference at Canterra Seeds in Winnipeg on Friday morning to mark the passage of the bill…. Read more »

Trimble TMX-2050 Display Launches Third Party Application Capabilities

Stephanie Michaud, Trimble Navigations, in conversation with Shaun Haney at NFMS 2015. The display is a 12.1″ high-definition color touch-screen, and this year, Trimble announced the TMX-2050 will have the ability to support third party applications. “Today, and within the last week, that’s been our biggest release that we’ve been talking about,” Trimble Navigation’s Stephanie Michaud told… Read more »

Questions Over Scrapie Testing Protocol Raised During Ontario Sheep Rustling Trial

Adherence to testing protocols for scrapie and correct identification of an animal have been called into question during a court case involving individuals who are charged with taking and hiding quarantined heritage breed sheep destined to be destroyed as part of Canada’s scrapie eradication program. The protocols and identification in question stem from a 2009… Read more »

Tile Drainage Footprint Expanding Quickly in Western Canada

While tile drainage has been a part of farming in the U.S. Midwest and Ontario for decades, a growing number of producers in Western Canada are finding they can justify the cost of installing tile in their land. Take Craig Shaw for example. Speaking at FarmTech in Edmonton, the Lacombe, Alberta grain farmer gave three reasons… Read more »