Nearly 700 farmers and industry braved a very cold few days to trek to Winnipeg to attend the second annual CropConnect conference. Guests were treated to expanded tradeshow space, engaging and sometimes controversial annual general meetings, dynamic speakers, improv and, well, some of the most burnt coffee this side of the Perimeter Highway.

If you couldn’t make it (and who can blame you for staying in when the windchill pushed the temps well down into the -30s) have no fear, as our very own Kelvin Heppner and Lyndsey Smith have put together a few minutes of the highlights, and maybe a lowlight or two, of the two-day conference.

From the very real controversy around how best to dry grain, to how even a comedian thinks a Maple Leafs win is delusional, to the launch of what could be a great new website (we’re looking at you, Friedensfeld!), check out Kelvin and Lyndsey’s wrap up below โ€” and be sure to check back often in the next week as we post the interviews stemming from this conference.

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