Kickin’ Tires — Ep. 7: Tech Training, A Lost Coat and Who Makes the Best Equipment Salesperson

Recording the Kickin' Tires podcast is never, ever any fun.

Who makes the best equipment salesperson — a former mechanic? How great is your local equipment dealer at trouble-shooting all the new tech and equipment in the tractor and combine cab?

kickin tires 300 250For this very special FarmTech edition of the Kickin’ Tires podcast, co-hosts Shaun Haney and Jim Hale are joined by spray application specialist and ag celebrity Tom Wolf, and the very forgetful (but not easy to forget) Kevin Serfas, who farms a few acres in the Lethbridge area.

The quartet tackles the tough questions above and also shares what new trends and tech they’ve noticed that show real promise, how manufacturers are working more collaboratively with other areas of farming, and where equipment dealers could be focusing their time and training to really service their customers. All that and more in this latest Kickin’ Tires podcast.

(Editor’s note: Make sure you stick around for the discussion on “wrench pullers”)

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Jim Boak

What happens when apple decides to change the i – platform? or decide to “up grade” to a faster more efficient software.
What will the owners of the i-pad controlled implements do then? Trade them? To whom?


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