Rob Meijer, president of Canada Beef Inc, gives an explanation of The RoundUp App, and some insights into the hope for future versions.

Canada Beef Inc and BTI Brand Innovations have created an app to help consumers find, cook and learn about beef.

The app provides access to recipes and meal ideas; cooking tips; short how-to videos; tenderness guidelines; an interactive version of Canada Beef’s cuts chart poster; shout outs to contests, events and news; and the capability to ‘favourite’ content.

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The app is hoped to be used as a reference tool for shoppers, with some interesting potential for the future. Canada Beef Inc hopes that coupling geotracking technology with the mobile platform may make it easier for app users to find Canadian beef.

‘The Roundup’ is currently available for Android and Apple platforms.

One thought on “Looking for a New Beef Recipe? ‘The Roundup’ App for Just That

  1. Really? I can’t think of a worse name to use for an app aimed at urban consumers. Why don’t you call it “The most vilified agricultural product” app instead? How about Monsanto Buddy app?

    We work in a field that is subject to extremely emotional reactions at the mention of certain things in relation to our food, food production and food advertising. Roundup (regardless of what we may think) represents all that is wrong with crop production in the minds of many social media-informed non-farmers. I wouldn’t use it in any kind of attempt to reach out to anyone.

    I know that roundup has a different connotation to livestock farmers, but your audience doesn’t.

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