Ontario Ethanol Plant Gets Tech-Focused Funding Boost

The Government of Canada has announced an investment of $3.7 million to help Integrated Grain Processors Cooperative (IGPC) Ethanol Inc., of Aylmer, Ontario, install Canada’s first Fiber Separation Technology (FST) system. The FST system allows for the early separation of fibre from corn prior to its fermentation, increasing the efficiency of the distillation process and producing a cleaner fibre product, the group says.

This investment will enable IGPC Ethanol increase its output of ethanol, corn oil and distillers’ grains, develop animal feed products and lower the plant’s energy consumption, says a Government of Canada press release.

IGPC Ethanol is a division of IGPC Inc. and is one of Ontario’s largest cooperatives, owned by agri-business and farmers.

The planned added capacity will boost by two million bushels the corn consumption of the plant to 18 million bushels per year.


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