Syngenta to Offer a Clubroot Resistant Canola Variety for 2015

Syngenta Canada has announced its first clubroot-resistant canola variety, SY4105, will be available for spring 2015. This variety is the fourth canola variety in Syngenta’s portfolio.

SY4105 is resistant to common clubroot pathotypes. Certain other pathotypes have been identified in Alberta, and work is ongoing to screen SY4105 against them to determine if it is resistant to these pathotypes as well, the company says. SY4105 is a mid-season, Genuity Roundup Ready canola hybrid, and suited to all growing zones in Western Canada.

SY4105 is available for sale in limited quantities for 2015 seeding and comes pre-treated with Helix Vibrance seed treatment, according to Syngenta. The company’s new Fortenza seed treatment can be combined with Helix Vibrance on SY4105 if cutworm pressure is an issue in your fields.



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