Three New Directors Named to Beef Farmers of Ontario Board

Jack Chaffe, Jason Reid and Garnet Toms have been elected to the Beef Farmers of Ontario board of directors, the organization has announced.

The Beef Farmers of Ontario (BFO) held its 53rd Annual General Meeting recently at Toronto.

Jack Chaffe will represent the feedlot sector on the board, and will serve a three year term. He and his family operate a large feedlot at Mitchell, marketing 2,000 animals a year through the Ontario Corn Fed Beef program. Chaffe replaces Steve Eby who steps down after a three year term.

Jason Reid of Thunder Bay will represent the cow/calf sector for a three year term, and will replace retired director and current Canadian Cattlemen’s Association vice president Dan Darling, who served nine years on the board. Jason and his family run a cow/calf and backgrounding operation.

Garnet Toms of Peterborough will join the Board of Directors for a two year term representing eastern Ontario. Garnet was elected as interim director for the region in November of 2014 and will continue in this position until 2017. Garnet operates a 50 head cow/calf operation.

Rounding out the board are existing members Matt Bowman and Tim Fugard. Bob Gordanier of Dufferin County was re-elected as president of the association. Bowman was re-elected as vice president.

For more information about the Beef Farmers of Ontario, visit the website.


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