Photo by Jonathan Juursema, CC 3.0
Photo by Jonathan Juursema, CC 3.0

You’ve heard of 3D printing, how could you not?

It’s been all over the news, from its potential in modern medicine (think printing prosthetics), to its use in cooking up dinners in space. But, between medicine and the international space station, there’s agriculture. And agriculture has a great deal to benefit from this technology too.

Imagine being able to head to the local equipment dealership and instead of being turned away on account of low inventory, you’re asked to wait while they ‘print’ your part for you. Or, imagine the day your agriculture community gets together to buy its own 3D printer.

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That’s exactly what RealAgriculture’s Shaun Haney and AgNition’s Peter Gredig discuss in this episode of AgNerds: what is 3D printing, what potential does it have for agriculture and are we likely to see the benefits anytime soon?

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    1. It works by laying down a resin/adhesive material, then a layer of …whatever material you’re building with (plaster, metal, etc), then adds another layer of resin/material, on and on, until eventually you build enough layers to match the shape.

      There’s a timelapse video here:

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