What if you could get a two- or three-day notice on a dairy cow going into heat? Or be alerted to an impending infection or sickness days before a cow showed signs? As Nancy Charlton, with DeLaval, explains in this interview from the Canadian Dairy Xpo, the Herd Navigator software can do just that.

The software — integrated either into the DeLaval robot milker or newer parlour systems — selects cows for sampling at set intervals or based on identification, and assesses each sample for four things, each linked to a specific aspect of herd management.

Missed the Canadian Dairy Xpo? We’ve got the full presentations here.

From measuring progesterone to not just estimate heat detection, but also to alert farmers to a cow with something abnormal happening, to early lactation monitoring for ketosis, and on to infection alerts and protein levels, Charlton runs through what the software tests, how often and what management action items may be tied to the resulting reports.

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