Do you know Vico, Grids, Thongs and Dainties? Take a Saskatchewanese test here!

If you’re well aware that the grid road is leveled with a grader, and you’d have sore feet walking them in thongs, you might speak Saskatchewanese. If you know that watermelons make great helmets, and you’ve worn one on more than one occasion, you likely also know what Pil is and where to find it.

Here’s a fun video passed on to us via Kickin’ Tires podcast co-host and proud Saskatchewanian (Saskatchewanite?) Jim Hale that highlights the regional dialect known well by our friends in the 306. Have no fear, dear friends from other provinces! There are subtitles to make sure you understand what’s happening in this fun advert. Enjoy!

Can’t see the embedded video? Click here.

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