Are you flying blind when it comes to starting your crop? An untested seed lot is exactly that, untested — you don’t know what diseases may be lurking in the bin that could contribute to pathogen load in the field or choke off seedlings before they get a chance to grow. What’s more, variable seed quality could hamstring yield potential from the word go.

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For those that do test and that treat seed as a regular habit, there are some key considerations to doing the job right. In this episode of the Seedpod(cast), Nick Petruic of Bayer CropScience talks with Real Agriculture’s Shaun Haney about not just the importance of choosing the right seed treatment, but also making sure you’re applying it correctly.

From why you need to calibrate the treater, to how often, and on to the proper way to calibrate, Petruic and Haney recap five key considerations when choosing and using seed treatments in order to get the best return on your investment. There’s also a good discussion on some common mistakes and how to avoid them.

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