The wheat market is due for some additional volatility in the weeks leading up to seeding season in North America, says the general manager of FarmLink Marketing Solutions.

Sharing the wheat market outlook at Grainworld ’15 in Winnipeg last week, Lawrence Yakielashek (formerly with Toepfer Canada) said he believes the bearish sentiment in the wheat market is losing steam and could be reaching the tipping point farmers are hoping for.


“If we have any problems whatsoever in any of the export markets, like Ukraine, which has conflict problems, in Russia, where they have winterkill problems, in Europe, which has excess moisture right now, and we have a lot of unknowns in North America. We’re creating an environment right now where this bearish market could turn on a dime,” Yakielashek says.

While we’re not at the tipping point yet, he says, that time could be soon. How soon? Watch this episode of the Wheat School to find out.

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