Month: April 2015

This Week on Real Ag — #Plant15 Gets Rolling — April 30, 2015

The 2015 planting season has arrived — this week’s ag news update includes a look at seeding progress, the latest on avian influenza in Ontario, how the high price of bacon is hurting pig prices and more: Check back every Thursday for our weekly farm news review. Find previous episodes here.   Subscribe: iTunes | Android… Read more »

Seeding a 3-m Pass at 10.6 mph: The Espro Minimum Tillage Drill

Kuhn Farm Machinery’s Espro — an implement as quaint as a London flat — will officially be welcomed to agriculture in the United Kingdom during Cereals 2015 this June. The Espro is a minimum tillage, low horsepower-demand drill that comes in two models thus far: the 3000 and the 6000 R. Both are Isobus compatible, with 6″ seed… Read more »

7 Ways to Make the Most of Free Time During the Growing Season

The growing season is a busy one but once in a while some unexpected free time will bust its way into your itinerary. So what do you do? Like me, many of you likely struggle more with free time than with a full calendar of appointments or to do’s. Here are some thoughts on some… Read more »

Wise Words for Sheep Start-Ups — Three Producers Weigh In

Welcome to an occasional series here on Real Agriculture — where we ask three farmers or ranchers four questions about their business, production and next steps. This first column features three Ontario sheep producers (you’ll have to ask them if they want to be called shepherds): Colleen Acres, of Maple Meadow Farms at Osgoode; Chris… Read more »

Ruminating with RealAg — Managing and Preventing Scours in Calves

When you have livestock, you have scouring stock. Or, at least that’s how it seems some years, when any spare time you thought you might have is spent mixing, smelling and tubing warm electrolytes. In this episode of Ruminating with RealAg (the podcast), we hear about calf scours from Cody Creelman, a large animal veterinarian… Read more »

Wheat Pete’s Word for Late April: A Dry Spell, Basis Moves, Tank Mix Reminders & Soybeans on Virgin Ground

We’re about to flip the calendar to May, and, perhaps surprisingly, soil moisture is becoming a bit of an issue for those rolling in the fields, says Peter Johnson, in this week’s Wheat Pete’s Word. What can you do about soil that’s drying out too quickly? Well, you’re doing to have to adjust planting depth… Read more »

Soybean School West: Seeding Rate, Inoculant and Seed Treatment Decisions

Soybean planting time brings with it a number of decisions — what’s the optimal seeding rate? Which inoculants should be used, and should they be doubled up? What about seed treatment? Is a seed treatment with insecticide needed? As part of this Soybean School West episode, Kristen Podolsky of the Manitoba Pulse and Soybean Growers… Read more »

Beyond Medically-Important: Tyson Foods Announces Plan to Eliminate Human-Important Antibiotics from Broiler Flocks

Arkansas-based Tyson Foods has announced its intent to eliminate use of antibiotics also used for humans from its U.S. broiler flocks by the end of September 2017. “Given the progress we’ve already made reducing antibiotics in our broilers, we believe it’s realistic to shoot for zero by the end of our 2017 fiscal year. But… Read more »

Between Big Acreage Increase and Glyphosate Marketing Issue, Uncertainty Abounds in Oat Market

Whether it’s the 30 percent increase in oat acres expected in Western Canada this year, the news that one of the largest millers in the world won’t accept oats treated with glyphosate, or the underlying trend lower in the entire cereal crop complex, there’s plenty of uncertainty to go around in the oat market right now. And… Read more »

A New Season, a Renewed Commitment to Safety — Staying Safe on the Road and in the Field

Zero should be every farm’s goal when it comes to number of injuries or accidents during seeding — how do you make that a reality? Tractors, trucks and seeding equipment across the country are starting to roll for #plant15, and with another busy season comes an elevated risk of injuries and fatalities on farms. Unfortunately,… Read more »

Grain Farmers of Ontario asks Provincial Government to Respect Planting Timeline

Grain Farmers of Ontario is asking the province of Ontario to extend past key planting dates the consultation period regarding new neonicotinoid regulations. “This request is within the spirit of the rules for the Environmental Registry consultations,” says GFO. The registry’s own website says, ‘Some proposals may provide more time (e.g. 60 days or 90… Read more »

ADM Adding Soybean Crush Capability to Plants in North Dakota & Ontario

An increase in soybean crush capacity in North Dakota might benefit growers on the eastern side of the Canadian prairies. Archer Daniels Midland announced Monday that it is adding soybean crushing capabilities to its plant at Enderlin, North Dakota — less than 100km southwest of Fargo. The facility is currently set up to process canola, flax and… Read more »

Corn School: How Much N Do You Already Have?

What’s the number one question you ask of yourself or your agronomist as you plan your corn crop? It’s likely, “What’s the right rate of nitrogen for this field?” It’s the golden question, as Dr. Dave Hooker, of the University of Guelph-Ridgetown, says, and the answer can be as low as zero or as high… Read more »

Pig Prices Have Plummeted — Why is Bacon Still Expensive?

Remember last year, when hog prices spiked and concerns about high bacon prices hit headlines in the mainstream news? For pig producers and processors, those days are distant history, as the North American pork market has since undergone a major reversal. Not wanting to expose consumers to volatility, grocery stores generally lag behind the hog market in moving prices higher (and… Read more »

“Stark” Talk Needed to Sell Urban Canada on the Real Value of Rural

Food is growing in importance, but rural Canada is losing its influence. How can that be? Former Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Joe Clark has a few ideas. They came to the fore last month for 700-plus participants at the Grain Farmers of Ontario popular March Classic, in London, ON. The organization made a good choice… Read more »