Avian Influenza Threat Forces Cancellation of London Poultry Show; Update — 29 Farms Now Quarantined

Update — April 12th, 2015: The Canadian Food Inspection Agency on April 12th announced that a 10km radius control zone has been established around the single farm where H5N2 avian influenza was confirmed last week. 29 poultry farms within this zone are now under quarantine, although so far, the virus has only been found at the infected premise. Canada’s largest trading partner for poultry — the United States — is recognizing the control zone, meaning exports of hatching eggs, day-old chicks and poults from outside the zone can continue. The CFIA has also completed sequencing of the virus, and it is nearly identical to the strain found in BC in late 2014. A senior veterinarian with the agency said migratory, wild birds are likely responsible for spreading the virus,.

The London Poultry Show, set for April 22-23, 2015, has been cancelled following the recent confirmation of H5N2 avian influenza in a turkey flock near Woodstock, Ontario.

A post on the Poultry Industry Council site says this decision has been based upon the recommendation of the Feather Board Command Centre (FBCC) with the authority of Chicken Farmers of Ontario, Egg Farmers of Ontario, Turkey Farmers of Ontario, and Ontario Broiler Hatching Egg & Chick Commission, in addition to significant consultation with many of PIC’s industry stakeholders and partners.

The show’s organizers say that avian influenza poses a “significant threat” to the Ontario poultry industry, and that the London Poultry Show presents a potential vector for the spread of the disease.

Follow this link for the latest on the avian flu outbreak in Ontario.

Find the show’s website here.


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