Cedric MacLeod Named Executive Director of Canadian Forage & Grassland Association

The Canadian Forage & Grassland Association (CFGA) has named Cedric MacLeod, of Fredericton, New Brunswick, as the group’s executive director, effective June, 2015.

“(Cedric) brings a strong background in forages, and experience working in organizations to successfully advance their goals and agendas. We look forward to his leadership as we promote the forage and grassland industry and address the challenges and opportunities going forward,” says Doug Wray, CFGA Chair.

Cedric MacLeodMacLeod has over nine years of entrepreneurial experience, having served as president of MacLeod Agronomics, an agri-environmental consulting firm specializing in the analysis and integration of sustainable agricultural practices for the Canadian ag-sector. As well, he and his wife own and operate Local Valley Beef, a grass-fed beef ranch in western New Brunswick. As such, he has considerable knowledge and experience in extended grazing seasons, rotational grazing and integrated forage production systems.

Cedric also has considerable experience working with national and provincial not-for-profit boards and has served on both sides — as a board member on some organizations and as Executive Director for both the Canadian and New Brunswick Young Farmers’ Forums.



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