With corn planting season around the corner, the annual routine of getting planting units ready for a new growing season is well underway.

The planter setup and calibration process should account for the size of corn seed going through the planter, notes Dieter Schwarz of Pride Seeds in this latest Corn School episode.

“Look at that bag of seed as it gets delivered, double check the seed sizing and make sure, even if you’ve already calibrated your meter, that your meter and planter are actually set up for the seed size that you’re about to plant,” he says.

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Using a planter disc designed for a different seed size can result in “skips” in a row of corn, which immediately reduces the yield potential for the crop. While setups can vary widely between planters, the singulator, air pressure and metering systems should also be set, if needed, according to seed size.

“It’s a really valuable investment to spend that time to make sure you have the right planter setup for the seed,” says Schwarz.

Check out this video for a look at different planter discs, why a grower might choose to buy smaller corn seed and more:


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