TechTour: Agrimatics Libra Sends Grain Cart Weights Straight to Your Phone or Tablet

agrimaticslibraIn March of 2014, Agrimatics announced the availability of a new product — the Agrimatics Libra. It’s a cloud-based system that sends weigh scale data from grain carts to a smartphone or tablet.

All the operator needs is a small battery-operated device from Agrimatics and the free mobile app. With those two ingredients, any iPhone 4S (or newer) or iPad 3 (or newer) can become a grain cart display and data management system. Information share occurs through bluetooth, allowing your mobile device to continue to function normally while the app runs in the background.

For now, data is stored in the mobile device, but Agrimatrics’ Ian Meier estimates automated cloud availability is only a few months away.


In this episode of  TechTour, brought to you by Dow AgroSciences, Agrimatrics’ Ian Meier sits down with Shaun Haney to talk about the mobile grain cart display system, and how it improves on-farm efficiency.


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