CARAMBA Registered in Ontario for Fusarium and Gibberella Suppression on Corn

BASF has announced registration of CARAMBA fungicide for Eastern Canada. CARAMBA is now registered for use on corn for suppression of fusarium and gibberella ear rot (Fusarium graminearum and Gibberella zeae) for the 2015 growing season.

“The active ingredient in CARAMBA, metconazole, has been proven to provide excellent results in reducing DON levels as well as increasing grain yield and quality,” says Piero Castro, Brand Manager for Fungicides and Insecticides at BASF Canada.

CARAMBA is a systemic triazole fungicide with the unique ability to manage fungal diseases like fusarium. For Fusarium and Gibberella ear rot suppression, CARAMBA should be applied (as a preventative application) between full silk emergence to silk browning.

For more information about CARAMBA fungicide visit or follow us on Twitter @BASFAgSolutions.



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