Rumours Resurface: "Simply No Truth" to Claims of McDonald's Canada Sourcing Beef from South America

In the last couple of weeks, there have been many impassioned pleas from producers asking consumers to avoid McDonald’s for no reason other than an alleged change of source for their 100% Canadian beef patties. The pleas suggest the company will be moving to products sourced from South America, not now, but in the near future. McDonald’s Canada’s external communications director assured RealAgriculture the allegations were false.

Thanks for your reaching out with your inquiry.  I’m happy to report that there is simply no truth to the claims about us sourcing beef outside of Canada.  This story is completely false and I’d love to set the record straight with the facts about McDonald’s Canada.  We have had a couple of inquiries in the past week about the rumour and pointing to a move to source from South America. As I indicated above, this is simply not true.

Supporting Canadian farmers is something we’re committed to and are proud of and the beef used in our beef patties is 100% Canadian! Check out the video which is available here on Our Food. Your Questions., a platform we created to answer questions about our food in 2012, which answers the question and features some beef ranchers as well as a representative from Cargill who walks you through the process of what goes into our beef patties.

According to a McDonald’s Canada media statement, the inquiries are largely thanks to an email which originally surfaced in the United States in 2002 and continues to resurface, with a Canadian version first emerging in 2009. McDonald’s Canada currently sources 100% of its beef from farms and ranches across Canada, and have no plans today to purchase any beef from South America.

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