Saputo Implements Animal Welfare Policy, Partners with Universities

Earlier this week, on World Milk Day, Saputo announced the implementation of its animal welfare policy, along with new programs offered to support the policy through the University of Guelph and the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

According to the company’s recent press release, the policy was created through collaborative efforts with customers, dairy producers, veterinarians, governmental authorities, universities and others along the value chain. It focuses on animal cruelty, with some of the elements of the policy including:

  • Zero tolerance for any act of animal cruelty
  • The elimination of tail docking in dariy cattle
  • Dedicating resources to ensuring minimum industry standards for pain control when dehorning or disbudding cattle
  • Appropriate training of all dairy cattle handlers

Should the company receive credible evidence of animal cruelty, it will immediately suspend milk from the suspect farm, continuing the suspension until all allegations have been investigated.

Saputo has zero tolerance for any act of animal cruelty. This includes, but is not limited to, willful mistreatment and neglect of animals and acts that maliciously cause pain, injury or suffering. We expect all dairy cattle workers (employers and employees) to adopt and adhere to proper animal care and handling methods at all times.

In terms of education, there will be a new Saputo Dairy Care Program offered at the University of Guelph to provide practical dairy welfare education. Workshops will be available to veterinary practitioners, veterinary students and dairy producers. The Dairyland Initiative and Lifestep Program will run at the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine as well, providing resources, consulting services, workshops, low-stress cattle handling education, lameness prevention and end of life management.

Saputo is the largest dairy producer in Canada and among the top ten in the world.

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