Soybeans are a new crop for many farmers in Western Canada, but there are some acres that have been in soybean rotation for over a decade or more. While soybeans may be a newer crop, they are susceptible to some common diseases on the prairies. With disease pressure comes the need to evaluate fungicide options, and while research conducted by Manitoba Pulse and Soybean Growers last year showed it’s still not likely necessary, that could change in the future.

For this episode of the Soybean School West, Glen Forster, of BASF, heads to the field with Kelvin Heppner to talk about the relative risk to soybeans in rotation, and what recent research suggests in regards to return on investment.

Forster also highlights the critical timing of a fungicide application, should you deem it necessary. You can hear more on this, with specifics on crop staging, from Ontario soybean expert Horst Bohner here.

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