Syngenta Announces New Biological SCN Seed Treatment

Syngenta Canada Inc. has announced the registration and launch of Clariva pn seed treatment, a biological seed treatment for the management of soybean cyst nematode (SCN).

Clariva pn works by reducing SCN feeding and reproduction, a “targeted, direct and proven solution,” to the pest, says Nathan Klages, seedcare and inoculants product lead with Syngenta Canada.

Clariva pn contains the Pasteuria nishizawae bacteria as its active ingredient. When Clariva pn treated seed is planted, the P. nishizawae spores are released into the soil and establish a protective zone around the young soybean plant’s roots, the company says.

The seed treamtent works by P. nishizawae spores infecting and eventually killing the SCN that come into contact with plant roots, thus curbing SCN’s ability to feed and reproduce. As the remnants of the dead nematodes decompose, the spores are released back into the soil to provide season-long activity and suppression.

Clariva pn has been shown effective under variable environmental conditions, independent of soil pH, temperature or moisture, Syngenta says.

Klages says that Clariva pn complements the use of SCN resistant or partially resistant soybean varieties and crop rotation practices as part of an integrated pest management strategy.

Clariva pn is also compatible with Cruiser Maxx Vibrance Beans and Vibrance Maxx seed treatments.



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