TechTour: Vehicle Tracking & Monitoring on-the-Fly with AGCOMMAND Telematics

Have a fleet on the field and need to know which one will need fuel first? That’s just one of the many metrics you can see, track and act on through AGCO’s AGCOMMAND. In this episode of TechTour, Shaun Haney is joined by Eric Lescourett, of AGCO, to talk about AGCOMMAND’s updated interface, the streamlined dashboard, and added features of this vehicle tracking and information gathering tool.

AgCommand1The main focus of AGCOMMAND is telematics data — where each machine is — but it’s also a powerful measuring tool. As Lescourett explains in the video below, this software measures and displays each connected machine’s performance and health, while also generating field records.

Accessible from a mobile device or the office, a farm operator or fleet manager can use it on-the-fly to advise on equipment settings, plan input logistics and more. What’s more, the data collected can also be used in making big-picture purchase decisions for the farm by better matching horsepower needs to farm demands.

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Open source and farmer-owned are important commitments on the data side, says Lescourett, and as you take a tour through the interface in this video, you’ll see how it works, what it measures and displays, and how you can use the reports for better farm efficiency. The data is yours, but is easily sharable, meaning it could be used for breakdown diagnostics and more.

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