>It can be hard to know when to spend the money and when to save the cost in the weeks leading up to harvest, and even more challenging when you’re dealing with a crop that doesn’t look quite right.

For some winter wheat producers in Ontario right now, that means a crop of rather short stature. Is it worth applying fungicides? Will the yield be anywhere near that of its more lengthy counterparts?

Weird looking wheat heads? Check out this frost-centric Wheat School with Wheat Pete.

In this episode of the Wheat School, wheat specialist Peter Johnson answers those questions, suggesting that you should look at individual plants. A lot of the crops will see a slight yield hit, but not to the point where fungicide spraying is out of the question. Remember that managing a poor wheat crop can make it an average wheat crop, says Johnson.

“It short, but it’s still wheat,” he says. Hear more on making the call on more inputs in the video.

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