DuPont Pioneer held a grand opening for the company’s new corn hybrid research centre near Lethbridge, Alberta on Wednesday.

The 22,500 sq. foot facility is part of the company’s larger five-year, $35 million investment in research and development in Western Canada.

As DuPont Pioneer Canada president Bryce Eger explains in the video below, the company is focused on developing ultra-early corn hybrids that are suitable for Western Canada.

“Ultra-early is essentially 70-day maturity products and earlier. These are products that have traditionally not been grown anywhere in the world. That’s what this team here is focusing in on,” he says.

The facility will also serve a role in developing new canola and soybean varieties.

Eger explains why DuPont Pioneer chose Lethbridge for the site, the potential the company sees for both grain and silage corn varieties, and why he’s optimistic about the expansion of corn acres on the Prairies:


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