Update on July 30th: The Canadian Food Inspection Agency removed the final Avian Influenza Control Zone (located in the counties of Oxford and Waterloo) after lifting the quarantine on the second Ontario farm on Wednesday, July 29th. Permits are no longer required for the movement of birds and bird products in Ontario. 

A three month surveillance period following the cleaning and disinfection of all infected farms is required by the World Organisation for Animal Health before a zone can receive avian influenza free status.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency lifted the Avian Influenza Control Zone on Monday after ending the quarantine on the first of the three Ontario farms where H5 avian influenza was found in April.

The removal of the control zone followed a 21 day waiting period after cleaning and disinfecting under CFIA oversight.

The quarantine on the third farm was also lifted, however since the second infected premise is still quarantined, the second Avian Influenza Control Zone remains in place. The CFIA continues to regulate the movement of birds and bird products from this zone, which includes a portion of Oxford County and Waterloo County. The agency says if no new cases are reported, the second control zone could be lifted on July 29th.

(source: CFIA)


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