Hyland and Mycogen Seed Brands Moved Under Dow Name

Editor’s note: This article was updated July 14th with the above interview with Dow Seeds General Manager Jeff Loessin.

Dow AgroSciences has announced the joining of its Hyland and Mycogen seed businesses under a new brand in the Canadian market known as “Dow Seeds.”

“To ensure all our customers have access to our best genetics in this period of rapid advancement in traits and technology, we are introducing one new seed brand combining all the resources of Dow AgroSciences into a single, focused effort,” said Brad Orr, president of Dow AgroSciences Canada, in the announcement this week.

The Dow Seeds portfolio includes grain corn, silage corn, soybeans, cereals, edible beans and alfalfa, with corn and soybean breeding efforts based at St. Marys, Ontario.

“Our sales and agronomy team will work together with the St. Marys, Ontario-based research and development team to deliver even greater regional understanding to our customers,” added Jeff Loessin, general manager of Dow Seeds Canada. “This is an exciting time in agriculture and we are eager to see what we can achieve for our customers’ businesses with our strengthened local focus and access to the global Dow AgroSciences technology pipeline.”

Mycogen has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dow since 1998, while Hyland Seeds was acquired from Thompsons Limited of Blenheim, Ontario in 2010.

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