An Austrian-made combine header with an adjustable cutterbar for reducing shatter losses at harvest was recognized in the Innovation Showcase at Canada’s Farm Progress Show last month.

The Biso Ultralight 800, with its lightweight aluminum design and movable floor, received a Sterling Award at the show in Regina.

The 800mm (~32 inch) variable cutterbar is valuable when straight-cutting canola, explains Robert Breckner of Biso-Canada Ltd in this video.

Coming in widths up to 40 feet, the angle of the Ultralight header can be adjusted hydraulically according to crop conditions, such as lodging. Side knives for straight-cutting canola are also hydraulically controlled from the cab.

Breckner, who farms near Grandview, Manitoba, notes Biso will be introducing a flex version of the Ultralight 800, which could be used for soybeans, next year.

Check out this video for more on the Biso Ultralight 800 header:

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