Salford introduced two new vertical tillage units in June, just in time for Canada’s Farm Progress Show: the I-2200 and the I-4200, both part of the “independent” series.  The latter of the two, the hybrid I-4200, was also on display at Ag in Motion last week.

The I-4200 retains a lot of the same design concepts as the I-4100, including the same spacing and rubber cushion concave blade coulters on the front two rows. Towards the back, things start to change, with 8, 22″ wave coulters, creating an overall 5-inch spacing.

“The introduction of these two new pieces of equipment is more evidence of Salford delivering on its promise of building equipment for soil health,” said Salford National Sales Manager (Canada) Jim Boak in a June press release. “What we mean by soil health is not only getting better yields, but also helping to preserve the soil for the long term and helping our customers get a greater return, not only on their equipment investment, but on preserving the family farm for future generations.”

The I-Series now includes 8 different Salford models of varying aggression.

Salford’s Jim Boak talks about the I-4200, speaking to its width, horsepower requirements and availability.

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