Month: August 2015

Where Do We Go From Here? Shaping Agriculture Research in Canada

What’s your opinion on Canada’s agriculture research direction? If you’re like most, you probably have an opinion on the importance of research, what needs more attention, or how priorities need to shift, but imagine if you had to sit down and actually create the roadmap forward of achieving those goals. It’s quite the challenge, but a… Read more »

AGCO Opens AgCommand API to Third-Party Developers

AGCO Corporation has announced its AgCommand API (Application Programming Interface) is now open to approved third party developers and service providers of farming applications, including management dashboards and mobile apps. This new capability will enable AGCO customers to access their machine data through their other farm and fleet management tools, the company says. The AgCommand… Read more »

Is that a PBR-Protected Variety? New Online Tool Helps You Find Out

The Canadian Seed Trade Association has launched a new database help easily identify PBR protection on crop varieties registered for sale in Canada. The Crop Varieties Registered in Canada and Plant Breeders’ Rights Status database was created by the CSTA with the assistance of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s Variety Registration Office and the Plant… Read more »

Black Monday, Egyptian Demand & IGC Expectations — This Week in the Grain Markets

Grains were recently taken for a ride along with the rest of the world markets, mainly thanks to tanking equity markets in Asia. They’re calling August 24, 2015 Black Monday as markets in China crashed, and when North American markets opened up, they quickly followed. The main argument for the flash decline is lack of confidence… Read more »

Forest Fire Smoke Impacting Southern Alberta Air Quality

Smoke from forest fires is blanketing the Prairies for the second time this growing season. This time, thick smoke from fires in British Columbia and Washington has traveled to southern Alberta where residents in this definitely-not-forested area are having to deal with extremely smokey skies. Personally, I cannot remember a time like this. It is… Read more »

Livestock Rustling Abuzz: 12 Hives Stolen from Alberta Bee Operation

Kevin Nixon, beekeeper and chair of the Canadian Honey Council, has been making media rounds today, following the theft of 12 hives from Nixon Honey Farm near Innisfail, AB. I have vanishing bee syndrome 3 empty pallets,12 hives stolen. “Fellow” beekeeper?who else comes prepared? — Kevin Nixon (@KevinNixon15) August 26, 2015 On CBC Radio… Read more »

John Deere Announces Distribution Agreement with Soucy Track

John Deere has announced an alliance with Soucy Track to sell and distribute products through its dealer channel. This means John Deere dealers will offer Soucy Track model S-TECH 012P configurations for the 1770NT and 1775NT planter models equipped with hydraulic drive or electric drive. “In some field conditions, this will increase flotation and optimize… Read more »

Knowledge-based journalism could serve agriculture well

With back to school around the corner, some students (and their parents) will be wondering if the course selections they’ve made will help them reach their next destination. Well, if a job is on the wish list, consider this: Workopolis says among the most common skills requested by employers are communication, customer relations, and writing…. Read more »

Ontario Corn Fed Beef Brand Expands Reach to United Arab Emirates

In a move that could add approximately $1 million in value to its farmer-owners, the Ontario Corn Fed Beef brand has announced a strategic partnership in to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Recently, a delegation of guests, including chefs and distribution partners from the UAE, toured Ontario to better understand what goes in to the… Read more »

TWORA — Black Monday, Data Hacks, Farm Dogs, and Why Winter Wheat Wins — Aug 27

It’s been a rather down week on several fronts — from the global market meltdown, to frost happening not once but twice in areas of Alberta. To the good, harvest picked up steam in several areas of Western Canada, and Ontario’s soybean crop is developing quickly, giving hope to RealAgriculture’s agronomist Peter Johnson that winter… Read more »

Corn School: 4 Options for Ordering Treated Seed this Fall

Confused about what the new rules governing neonicotinoid-treated corn and soybean seed means for seed orders this fall? You’re not the only one — the Ontario government is hosting information sessions and webinars this week, but several questions and plenty of confusion swirl about what paperwork you must do to access neonic-treated seed. To help… Read more »

Soybean School West: The Rotational Approach to P Needs in Soybeans

Knowing full-well that the crop can experience seed burn if placed too close to phosphorous (P), many soybean farmers will apply no or very low rates of phosphate with their soybeans. And, as we learned in the last Soybean School, that choice may not be hampering short term yields. But, agricultural soils are seeing losses in available P, suggesting room for… Read more »

Celebrating the Farm Dog on National Dog Day

Every farm has at least one tractor, at one old shed, an old grain silo and, definitely, at least one farm dog. In celebration of National Dog Day (follow the feed on Twitter), I thought we could take a closer look at the roles of a farm dog, from guardian and labourer, to playmate and friend. Protection… Read more »

The Role of Soil-Applied Herbicides in Combating Resistance

This year, the organizers of the Crop Diagnostic School in Carman, Manitoba, decided to do something a little old-school. “We decided to demo soil-applied herbicides here at the farm this year for the Diagnostic School, in part because we’re seeing an increased use in the products,” Jeanette Gaultier explains in the following interview. Gaultier (who may or… Read more »

A High School Saga – The Courtship of Syngenta by Monsanto Appears to be Over

Remember back in high school when you chased the really good looking girl in class? In your mind you couldn’t see anything other than being in a relationship with her. She occupied your thoughts and dreams 24/7. But, she was not interested in the least. After asking your dreamy date to the school dance or a movie over and over… Read more »