Beef Researcher Mentorship Program Announces Second Year of Partnerships

BCRC The Beef Cattle Research Council (BCRC) announced its second group of Beef Researcher Mentorship Program participants this week.

The program was designed in an effort to align research interests with those beneficial to the beef industry, as well as promote and facilitate collaborations between researchers and producers.

Four researchers have been selected as mentees in the program:

Angela Canovas, PhD, received both her undergraduate degree and her PhD from the University of Lleida, Spain. She is the assistant professor of Beef Cattle and Small Ruminant Genomics at the University of Guelph. Through her mentorship, Canovas hopes to expand her network, translate and share advancements in research and gain understanding of genomic research needs. Her mentors are Mike McMorris, general manager of BIO and Daniel Doerksen, cow-calf producer and Cattlemen’s Young Leaders’ graduate.

Argenis Rodas González, PhD, grew up on a dual-purpose cattle operation in Venezuala. As assistant professor in Meat Science and Food Safety at the University of Manitoba, González’ research focuses on meat composition and quality in both domestic and exotic species. He hopes to gain a better understanding of trade and regulations through his mentorship with Betty Green, Manitoba’s provincial coordinator for the Verified Beef Production program and Trevor Atchison, producer and vice-chair of Canada Beef Inc.

Claudia Narvaez Bravo, PhD, received her degree and PhD from Zulia State University. She is currently working as an assistant professor at the University of Manitoba, with her research focused on reducing the presence of pathogens in meat production systems through pre-harvest and post-harvest intervention strategies. She’s hoping to learn more about Canada’s beef production industry from breeding through to over-wintering through her mentorship with Cargill Meat Solutions’ Mauricio Acrila and cow-calf producer Tom Teichroeb.

Shaun Dergousoff, PhD, gained his credentials from the University of Saskatchewan and is currently a research scientist with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, based out of Lethbridge research station. Dergousoff’s research focuses on livestock health risks associated with various arthropods. Through his mentorship with Coaldale Veterinary Clinic and the Allied Marketing Group, Dergousoff hopes to learn more about the Canadian beef industry and any concerns that could expand his research.

The Beef Researcher Mentorship Program was launched with a pilot phase in September, 2014.

Read more about the mentors and mentees.





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