Over $2.6 Million in Provincial Funds Announced for Tile Drainage & Pasture Improvements in Northern Ontario

The Ontario government is announcing more than $2.6 million in provincial funding for four agricultural infrastructure projects in Northeastern Ontario today.

Most of the money, which is coming from the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation, will be used to clear land and install tile drainage:

  • The Northern Ontario Farm Innovation Alliance will receive support for two regional agriculture projects:
    • $1,000,000 for the installation of tile drainage on approximately 1,892 acres of land between a consortium of 14 area farmer.
    • $998,670 for land clearing and installation of tile drainage on approximately 1,892 acres of land among 16 area farmers.
  • The Association of Community Pastures will receive $35,175 to add fencing and enhance the water system for the community pasture in Temiskaming Shores.
  • West Nipissing East Sudbury Agricultural Support Projects Inc. will receive $658,200 to administer a regional tile drainage and land clearing project for a consortium of 19 area farmers on approximately 1,097 acres.

“We are very grateful to the NOHFC for their financial support, which will not only provide the resources needed to modernize agriculture infrastructure and increase crop yields, but will also help to generate more jobs in our region,” said Stephanie Vanthof, administrator for the Northern Ontario Farm Innovation Alliance in the government news release.

In 2011, there were 926,000 acres of farmland reported in Northern Ontario (from Muskoka and Nipissing north and west to the Manitoba border.)

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