The 2015 soybean crop has had its share of issues. From a late May frost that had many farmers replanting, to wet conditions that prevented replanting or late planting, and some zero-till beans that really struggled to get through heavy residue, it’s no wonder this crop is variable at best.

While the window for most in-crop management decisions is closing, there are still some fields that will require monitoring for awhile yet, as late planted beans are still flowering in some areas, says Ken Currah, market development agronomist for PRIDE Seeds.

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In this Soybean School episode, Currah sums up the growing season to date, where and why yield may be capped in some areas, and offers tips on which fields may still require monitoring for a persistent aphid population that just won’t quit. “Some beans are still flowering,” notes Currah, and beans need to move into R5.5 or R6 before aphid scouting can end.

To the good, Currah notes that in many areas white mould is definitely not as bad as last year, however now is a great time to evaluate how well the disease management plan worked in conjunction with the weather.

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