If you’re on Twitter, you’ve probably been inundated with tweets from Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show (#cofs15) this week. Now you can see some of the sights for yourself, as Peter Johnson joins Shaun Haney to share some of the highlights of Day 1. Think “show wear” denim, youth in agriculture and a rock wall race…

With new technology, live demonstrations and over 750 exhibits, it’s no wonder Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show is crawling with agricultural enthusiasts, both young and…wise. But it’s the youth who give Peter Johnson, independent agronomist and host of Wheat Pete’s Word, something to talk about.

We are going to drive agriculture forward, despite old dogs like me

“First off, the number of young farmers I see here is really, really cool,” Johnson says in the video warp-up of Day 1 (included above). “And, you know, agriculture the last four or five years has been pretty good, and it’s brought a bunch more keen, young individuals that just soak up the technology and have lots of new ideas. And to me, that’s been a highlight. We are going to drive agriculture forward, despite old dogs like me!”

The first day of the show saw warm temperatures (27 degrees), diverse technology and up-beat attendants, says RealAgriculture’s Shaun Haney.

Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show runs until September 17, 2015 in Woodstock, Ontario.

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