Spraying Considerations With Dicamba-Tolerant Soybeans on the Horizon

With Monsanto planning to introduce dicamba-tolerant soybean varieties in North America, the company is reminding growers about how to best handle and apply herbicides that contain dicamba.

Older formulations of dicamba were prone to drift, causing damage to neighbouring crops, notes Allan Froese, a technology development representative with Monsanto Canada.

allan froese monsantoIn the video below, he walks through how to minimize the risk of herbicide drift, including how nozzle technology can reduce crop damage.

“We want to re-highlight to growers what you can do to minimize drift. It’s on every label, but we’re just wanting growers to think about what they’re doing on their farms and what they can be doing differently,” he explains.

Monsanto recommends producers use ultra course nozzles for the company’s new Xtendimax dicamba formulation.

Check out the video for a look at how droplet size impacts drift, why triple-rinsing your sprayer tank is critical when using dicamba, and re-cropping considerations in situations where farms are still growing soybean varieties that are not tolerant to dicamba:



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