Vote to See Agriculture Represented on the 2017 Canadian Mint Coins

To celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Canada, the Canadian Mint is letting you choose which 2017 coins will represent Canada. There are five categories: our passions, wonders, achievements, character and mintwheat mint

Agriculture is represented in two categories: our passions and our achievements. The beauty is that you can vote as many times as you like. and you can easily share with your Twitter and Facebook friends.

And yes even if canola, corn or soybeans are your favourite crops you can still vote for “Wheat” (that looks suspiciously like barley), and no one will know.

So get to work RealAgriculture community! Let’s do our best to see agriculture represented on the 2017 coins.

If you want to vote for some of the agriculture designs or any of your other favourite CLICK HERE to get started. 



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