In this week’s episode of Wheat Pete’s Word, Peter Johnson, resident agronomist for RealAgriculture and host of this weekly podcast, provides an update on harvest conditions in Ontario. He also answers a plethora of questions ranging from fertility and row spacing on wheat to planting grasses in waterways. Get an idea of some of the topics in the tabs below.

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The Highlights

Harvest Updates

Wheat Pete starts off this episode with another harvest update, covering

  • Wheat
    • One crop – 120bu/ac under seeded to single-cut red clover (and harvested again!)
  • Soybeans
    •  Yields ranging from 21 to 70 bu/ac
    • The potential causes of individual plants towering above the rest of the crop
    • A whole lot of fields with green leaves and stems, but dry soybeans – What to do if you want to plant wheat?!
  • Corn
    • Yields coming in as high as 248bu/ac, some with 22% moisture.

Q & A

Some of the questions Wheat Pete covers in this episode include:

  • Can I add water to dry beans, or aerate the bin on a foggy morning to dry to bring moisture levels up?
  • Is Vitaflo as good as Dividend?
  • I have very dry, hard clay ground and I can’t get the no-till drills in the ground. Should I wait to seed winter wheat?
  • Would 10″ row spacing be okay for wheat?
  • Should I spread potash on winter wheat now, or in the spring?
  • Is there any research to support humic acid or other biological seed treatments?
  • Should I worry about next year’s red clover, if spraying Infinity this fall?
  • Is it too late to seed perennial grasses for grassed waterways?[/tab]

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