Month: October 2015

Case IH Steiger Tractors Switch Gears for 2016

Case IH’s 2016 Steiger tractor line-up is promising to get farmers up to speed faster with a more efficient transmission. The new transmission for the Steiger line, which features three row-crop tractors and four independent positive-drive track models, offers improved shifting performance and increased shuttle shift speed. The tractors were rolled out at the 2015… Read more »

Waiting For Demand — This Week in the Markets

The grain market this past week turned its attention to more demand and weather headlines as North American harvest pressures are starting to subside with the large majority of the crop now in the bin. The planting pace down in Brazil of soybeans continues to accelerate, with some of the previously drier regions finally getting… Read more »

Farm & Food Care Unveils the 2016 “Faces of Farming” Calendar

Farm & Food Care Ontario unveiled the 11th edition of its “Faces of Farming” calendar at the organization’s Harvest Gala in Kitchener on Thursday. The 2016 calendar profiles farmers from across the spectrum of Ontario agriculture — from poultry and dairy to corn and greenhouse vegetables. Each page in the 2016 calendar has a QR code… Read more »

They Call it Arizona…or Saskatchewan — Fall Back Fun

Don’t forget to change your clocks this weekend! Fall back…back one hour..or go to a place where daylight savings doesn’t exist. They call it Saskatchewan. Get the latest Canadian ag news delivered via email by subscribing here!

Saik’s Agri-Treks: Martagon Lilies, “Anti-Deer” Cedar and Ieuan Evans (Pt 3)

In this episode of Saik’s Agri-Treks, we are back on the tour of Ieuan Evans’ 4.5 acres of diversity. Besides being credited with discovering the Evans cherry tree in a gardener’s home near Fort Saskatchewan, Evans is also well-known for his passion for lilies. Saik’s Agri-Treks: Sunflowers, Sheep and Ieuan Evans Saik’s Agri-Treks: Grafting, Non-Browning Apples and Ieuan Evans… Read more »

The Future of AgriInvest

The AgriInvest program was designed to help Canadian farmers manage small declines in income, but the Canadian Federation of Agriculture wants the government to recognize the benefits of the program are much broader in scope. As one of the four main business risk management programs under the five-year Growing Forward 2 framework, AgriInvest offers producers a savings… Read more »

Surrounded by ‘Graziers’ — Planned Grazing Management Take-Homes

I hit the road this week to attend a Planned Grazing Management workshop in Lacombe, organized by the Grey Wooded Forage Association and Organic Alberta. It was the first time I’ve heard Jim Gerrish (co-owner of American Grazinglands Services LLC) speak, though I’ve often heard his name mentioned in circles of self-proclaimed “graziers.” In addition to Gerrish, who… Read more »

TWORA — Bacon Hazards(?), Corn Harvest & More — Oct 29

So eating processed meat can cause cancer? Dr. Joe Schwarcz of McGill University, host of “The Dr. Joe Show” and author of numerous books interpreting scientific information for the general public, joins RealAg’s Kelvin Heppner on this week’s TWORA podcast to explain the World Health Organization’s report linking processed and red meats to cancer. Elsewhere, corn yields have… Read more »

Experiencing the Election as a Rural Deputy Returning Officer

Editor’s Note: This blog was written the day after the election. We waited for approval from the area’s Returning Officer. Not because we had to, but because we wanted to ensure no oaths were broken in the typing of this blog (Debra’s a stickler for rules). A couple of weeks ago, I was forwarded a… Read more »

Corn School: Tried-and-True versus the New Star in the Plots

This year’s corn crop is barely in the hopper, and it’s already time to make decisions about what to plant next spring as seed companies offer early booking discounts for next year’s acres. Do you decide to go with tried-and-true, or the newest star variety that looked really good in your neighbour’s plots this year? How many acres… Read more »

Wheat Pete’s Word, Oct 28 — 100bu/ac Variances, Combining Nightshade and Inedible Apples

In this week‘s episode of Wheat Pete’s Word, Peter Johnson, resident agronomist for RealAgriculture and host of this weekly podcast, provides an update on harvest conditions in Ontario. He also answers a plethora of feedback related to everything from nightshade plugging combines to last week’s special edition on neonicotinoids. Have a question for Wheat Pete? Call 1-844-540-2014… Read more »

Geography & Traceability Seen as Advantages for New Beef Plant

Manitoba’s newest slaughter plant is up and running, although the facility north of Carman is still waiting for the stamp that would make it the first federally-inspected plant in the province with significant beef capacity in three decades. True North Foods is currently processing 80 to 100 head of cattle and bison per week, with… Read more »

4-H on the Forefront of Female Leadership in Ag

4-H has historically been a male-oriented organization, going back to the early days in Roland, Manitoba in 1913. But, female involvement has grown, with women taking many leadership positions in the last decade or two. In fact, around 60 percent of 4-H Canada members are now female — well above the average mix of women at… Read more »

Wheat School: Preventing and Managing an Insect Problem in the Bin

15 degrees Celsius or cooler. That’s where temperatures should be at in stored grain to prevent an insect infestation. “The key is if you can get your grain temperature down to plus-15 as quickly as possible, any bugs that are in there will not be feeding and will not be reproducing,” explains Blaine Timlick, stored products… Read more »

CPS Registers Multigenic Clubroot Resistant Canola Variety

Crop Production Services is releasing a canola variety it says offers the “first true” multigenic resistance to clubroot disease, including the new 5X pathotype found in Alberta. The Proven Seed-brand variety PV 580 GC was formally registered on October 23. “The CPS Canadian Research and Development team has invested heavily in discovering and breeding new… Read more »