Advanced Farm Management Program Helps Farmers Make Better Business Decisions

Farming is not just about producing crops or raising livestock.

Much of what separates high performance farms from average to below-average farms is their ability to excel at everything from human resources management and looking after their team to understanding financial ratios and how to deal with the banker, says Rob Hannam, lead facilitator for the Advanced Farm Management Program (AFMP).

Advanced Farm Management ProgramNow entering its fourth year, and boasting more than 100 graduates, Hannam says the program is structured to help farmers take their management skills to the next level.

”We’ve helped people make some important decisions with their farms – from their succession plan to expansion, or just giving them more confidence about the business decisions they’re making,” adds Hannam.

The five-day training course is available to farmers and is scheduled to begin late November and run through February at three Ontario locations – St Jacobs, London and North Gower. The registration deadline is Oct. 30.

Hannam believes programs like AFMP are now more important than ever in the wake of a challenging agricultural economy.

“When there’s changes in the marketplace, in policies, or when prices are lower and there’s a squeeze on profitability, it’s more important than ever to look at your financials,” says Hannam. “You need to analyze every decision, new purchase or investment to know if your operation is the right size. Maybe you need to get bigger? Maybe you need to get smaller?”

Farmers who need to tackle these questions can learn more about the program at:



Bernard Tobin

Bernard Tobin is Real Agriculture's Ontario Field Editor. AgBern was raised on a dairy farm near St. John's, Newfoundland. For the past two decades, he has specialized in agricultural communications. A Ryerson University journalism grad, he kicked off his career with a seven-year stint as Managing Editor and Field Editor for Farm and Country magazine. He has received six Canadian Farm Writers' Federation awards for journalism excellence. He's also worked for two of Canada's leading agricultural communications firms, providing public relations, branding and strategic marketing. Bern also works for Guelph-based Synthesis Agri-Food Network and talks the Real Dirt on Farming.


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