Some of the most challenging times in our lives came as a result of change. And, it’s no wonder many of us fear it. Change often means confronting the unknown. So, how do you start a conversation around change in your business or organization, where it might be met with hesitance?

“I think part of it is that you need to have a group of ‘change agents’ in your organization…that works together to develop a vision for what you think  the future might look like, and for where you could be, and where you can be,” DuPont’s Joanne Hewitson told RealAgriculture’s Shaun Haney in an interview filmed at the Advancing Women Conference in Ontario.

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“We need to talk about the ‘art of the possible,’ right? What could the future look like for you, for your organization.”

Hewitson says change has to be personal. Individuals have to know how it will benefit them. After all, our biggest resistance to change is our own comfort zone.

Having ‘change agents’ who understand individuals’ personal drive, motivations and fears will help everyone in the workplace overcome or adjust to change.

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