No Time or Not a Priority? Looking After Your Own Health & Wellness


“I just don’t have time.”

How often do we use this as an excuse for not exercising, sleeping or carrying out an activity that we know would benefit our overall health and wellness?

We all know that exercise, eating right and getting enough sleep are important, but translating that knowledge into behaviour and sustaining it is difficult, whether working on the farm during busy season or in an office, notes Dr. Marla Shapiro, well-known medical doctor and health journalist for CTV, in this video.

“We often tell ourselves we don’t have the time when really what we’re saying is it’s not a priority,” she explains in this conversation from the ’15 Advancing Women in Ag Conference in Toronto.

So how do we convince ourselves to make it a higher priority?

“Unless you invest in yourself so that you are well, physically, mentally and socially, you’re not going to be able to pay it forward. You’re not going to be your best self,” she says. “It’s something you have to make a priority and part of your lifestyle.”

Shapiro spoke with RealAg’s Shaun Haney about translating attitude into behaviour, the risks of that come with sedentary behaviour and “little things” that can lead to a healthier lifestyle:



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