It might take a few years or decades to become common on North American farms, but the day tractors drive themselves in the field has arrived.

In this TechTour episode, we meet the Greenbot, a driverless 100hp tractor made and sold in the Netherlands by Precision Makers. It debuted at Agritechnica ’15 in Germany earlier this month.

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“It can do a lot of things that you don’t want to do anymore,” explains Peter Mouthaan, CEO of Precision Makers’ parent  — the Dutch Power Company.

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While they’ve also been working with golf courses, he explains they sold their first machine to a farmer in the Netherlands during the week prior to Agritechnica.

Radar and sensors on the front of the machine are designed to prevent collisions and address safety concerns.

From size to application, Mouthaan discusses the farm possibilities with the Greenbot:


One thought on “TechTour: The Future is Now With the Greenbot Driverless Tractor

  1. Did you ask how much the 100 hp robotic tractor costs?
    Amazing to see robotics come to reality – now the creativity will start!

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