Month: December 2015

Bill 6 Capturing Alberta’s Attention — Shaun Haney and Jeff Nonay on CHED

While there’s still a shortage of answers surrounding Bill 6, there’s no question the Alberta’s farm community’s response to the NDP government’s proposed farm labour legislation has captured the attention of many Albertans. RealAg’s Shaun Haney and Jeff Nonay of Lakeside Dairy, a farmer near Edmonton, were guests on The Ryan Jesperson Show on Thursday morning. Here’s their conversation,… Read more »

Saying Goodbye to The Swamp

There’s no sign saying where it is. The outdated teal paint on the old brick walls is faded and peeling. The lighting is dingy. The floor is littered with peanut shells, spilled drinks, straw and manure — a mixture of which probably contributed to its name. It’s also been home to many memories (some of which… Read more »

Wheat Pete’s Word, Dec 2: Figuring Out Late Nitrogen in Corn

There’s been plenty of discussion about split nitrogen applications in corn — what’s the best way to maximize yield potential? In this week’s Word with Peter Johnson, resident agronomist for RealAgriculture and host of this weekly podcast, he delves into the research looking at nitrogen application timing, method, formulation and more. It’s a surprisingly corn-focused update from a… Read more »

The Speckle Park Story

There’s something unique about the Speckle Park cattle breed that’s catching attention in Canada and around the world. Canadian Western Agribition hosted the largest Canadian Speckle Park show in the breed’s history last week, according to the business manager for the Canadian Speckle Park Association. Over 70 head participated in the Canadian Speckle Park National Show in Regina… Read more »

Salford’s Pathfinder Steers Seeding and Fertilizer Application

The Pathfinder from Salford Group is a versatile, steerable cart designed to travel behind anything from a strip till bar to a planter or tillage tool. It’s also designed to carry multiple fertilizer application systems. Salford product manager Brad Baker explains the PathFinder is equipped with a steerable undercarriage that can be adjusted from 120… Read more »

Alberta Gov’t Commits to Bill 6 Amendments

Following several large protests and opposition from the farm community, the Alberta government on Tuesday announced amendments to “clarify” Bill 6 — The Enhanced Protection for Farm and Ranch Workers Act. The proposed changes would: make clear Workers’ Compensation Board coverage would be required only for paid employees, with an option for farmers to extend… Read more »

Agritechnica 2015: A Full Colour Spectrum of Equipment Brands

The agriculture equipment colour spectrum goes beyond the traditional red, green, yellow and blue that we’re accustomed to in North America. As RealAg’s Shaun Haney notes in this video from Agritechnica ’15, there are many manufacturers around the world that don’t have a noticeable presence in North America, but might hold significant market share elsewhere…. Read more »

Defining “Family Farm” Is Not a Solution to Bill 6

The debate and protest over Bill 6 has taken several turns in the last ten days. One part of the debate has been over the definition of family farms in the discussion and whether family farms should be protected from Bill 6 legislation. Some farmers are pleading that the added costs of insurance are too expensive and… Read more »

Consultation Critical to Making Farm Labour Legislation Workable: Manitoba Farm Leader

Details of Alberta’s proposed farm workplace regulations have yet to be formalized, but it’s important farmers remain engaged in shaping what any rules look like, says a farm leader from another NDP-run prairie province. Bill 6 would subject Alberta farms and ranches to Occupational Health and Safety Legislation while making Workers’ Compensation Board insurance coverage mandatory for workers…. Read more »

Dow Sells Treflan, Edge Herbicides to Gowan

Gowan Company has announced a deal to acquire the entire DNA (dinitroaniline) herbicide portfolio from Dow AgroSciences, including popular herbicides Treflan and Edge. The products to be acquired by Gowan have active registrations in 22 countries including the USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, and parts of Europe. “We are enthusiastic to be able to acquire these… Read more »

Tattoos or GMOs? Scenes From the ‘Natural Foods’ Section

The “Natural Foods” section of any grocery store is a truly fascinating place. Here you find clusters of people intently reading fine print ingredient labels and sorting through the growing number of label claims fighting for space on product packaging. There’s a little something for everyone – from non-GMO verified, gluten-free, organic and dairy free… Read more »