Seletron System Offers Individual Nozzle and Pressure Control

The Seletron nozzle system mounted on a demo unit at Big Iron '15 in Fargo, ND.

Individual nozzle control is becoming a reality, or at least an option, when it comes to applying pesticides with precision.

Although they don’t have a major presence in Canada, Italian spraying technology manufacturer Arag has been selling its Seletron control system for several years. With individual nozzles that are automatically activated by a GPS-linked controller in the cab, Seletron allows the operator to divide the boom into as many sections as the number of nozzles.

“First of all, it ensures we’re applying product only where we want it to be applied,” explains Ken Rost of Minnesota-based Frost Spray Technology Products in the video below. “The other thing it does is when you have devices on the boom versus a boom section valve upstream, the control at the nozzle is more immediate. There’s no delay in the actions that we ask it to do.”

Seletron’s dual or quad nozzle setups are also designed to reduce boom pressure and drift to provide more flexibility in spraying speed than a single nozzle (similar to Hypro’s Duo React or Wilger Industries’ ComboRate.)

“There are algorithms in the software that will automatically switch the nozzle to a second nozzle when the pressure starts to rise. If you go even faster, both nozzles will turn on. It’s A, B, A plus B,” he says.

Ken Rost describes how Arag’s aftermarket Seletron system works with the Bravo 400S controller in this video filmed at the 2015 Big Iron Farm Show in Fargo, ND:



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