Spray Tips Special Edition: Driving Fast Saves Time…Right?

Myth Explosion: Fast is the best way to spray. 

In this Spray Tips Special Edition episode, Sprayers101.com Star Wars geeks Tom Wolf and Jason Deveau use The Force to explode yet another spray myth.

It all starts a long time ago in a soybean field far, far away…. In an attempt to get more done in a day, a young, brash sprayer pilot (Jason Deveau) has joined the “Sprayer Racing Circuit.” All appears well until the young Padewan meets the wise old Spray Master (Tom ‘Obi-Wan’ Wolf) who shows young Jason the error of his ways. All is right with the Spray Universe when the young pilot finally learns that speed can only hurt spray quality and there are other paths to spraying productivity gains.

It’s an ag educational series like you’ve never seen before, featuring Tom Wolf of AgriMetrix, Jason Deveau of OMAFRA, and the production talents of the RealAgriculture team.

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